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My purpose is to inspire and support women and their partners to increase their fertility and chances of pregnancy.

This is achieved through a three-pronged approach of mental clarity, physical awareness and spiritual intelligence.  Creation takes two to tango and three to come together, to shed light to guide an incoming soul.

Individual attention, supportive programs and natural medicine are available to meet specific needs.  I offer my professional expertise along with personal understanding, empathy and compassion.

It took me a long time to conceive 35 years ago.  I was in a stressful corporate job and dealing with a digestive system that had reduced my food intake to eating only plain white rice and potato.  I had a miscarriage.  I had to choose what I wanted for my life and what I would love."


Sandy B. Simmons  Author  Speaker  Mentor
Author of "Simple Truths", Founder of Simply Better Health and Pregnant Today
Naturopathic-Nutritionist, Teacher of Natural Fertility Management (Conception and Contraception), Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and much more...


"Bringing together the best philosophies for healthy, happy parents and babies at their most magnificent time of life.

Transforming the way modern society perceives the miracle of life, enabling regeneration of vitality to humanity, to move beyond the health of the current status quo.

The essence of humanity is to give life and nurture evolution.  Bringing nature back to humanity.

Bringing you to awareness… because

“To know and not to do is really not to know.”     ― Stephen R. Covey"

"More women get pregnant using simple natural conception over IVF 

Because 80% who follow natural methods fall pregnant

What that means to you is that you have the best possible chance of becoming a Mum

And the real benefit to you is creating the healthy happy family you've always dreamed of..."

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